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Smartypants.com is a Fredericton-based company focusing on web and tech support services for residential and small business customers.

We began hosting web sites in 1993. The face of the Internet may have changed dramatically in the intervening years, but the basics have remained the same: reliable, cost-effective service with rapid response if and when there is a problem.

Through our partners and affiliates we also provide services such as web design and development, eCommerce, and creative services for new and traditional media.

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Problems with Microsoft’s Hopelessly Inept Spam Filtering - UPDATED 2021-11-01

Last week we started receiving reports from customers that Microsoft is rejecting all EMail from our servers. We are aware of the issue and, while we regularly monitor spam...

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Aliant/CloudMark EMail issue - RESOLVED - UPDATED 2020-10-29

UPDATE 2020-11-17

Both Aliant and CloudMark have continued to ignore our repeated requests to provide any valid reason for why they blocked all mail from our server for almost a week...

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SSL & Google Chrome “Not Secure” Warnings

Google announced some time ago that their Chrome web browser would begin showing a \"Not Secure\" notice in the address bar, when viewing any site that doesn't use an encrypted,...

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